Increase safety with twingz water damage prevention!

“In 70% of all cases of water damage, early detection results in a clear and noticeable reduction of the damage and thus of the repair and drying costs”, Consensus Damage Assessment.

twingz alert & protect: WATER
The twingz solution for water damage prevention helps detect water leaks at an early stage before they become visible, thus considerably limiting the extent of damage and reducing repair work and costs. Similar to twingz alert & protect: FIRE, twingz alert & protect: WATER analyses the data of the water flow either at the water meter or with sensors at the pipe system. With minimum technical effort, hard-to-detect leaks of only several liters of flow velocity per hour can be reliably detected. Calls for action and warnings are sent accordingly.
  • Ensure safety and prevent damages
  • Bundle with household insurance, facility management software or smart home devices
  • Prevent extensive damage through early leakage detection.
  • Increase the peace of mind
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