meet the team responsible for solid growth and continuous development.

We are pioneers in the IoT world, developing customized solutions since 2010. From the outset we discovered that energy is one of the main concerns in our society. That’s why we decided to bring IoT to the energy industry and help both consumers and companies get the insights they need to save costs and become more energy efficient.

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Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Werner Weihs-Sedivy
Werner founded twingz back in 2010 with the vision to “make things and their status understood by people”. He has a deep and wide tech background and wants to see tech being made use of in meaningful manner. He connected twingz’ digital identities and skills of predictive analytics to verticals energy & grid, insurance and industrial manufacturers.

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Head of Machine Learning & Co-Founder
Dietmar Millinger
Dietmar is an IT enthusiast with two decades of experience as founder, managing director and CTO in the area of automotive embedded systems. He has a strong personal interest in AI, Machine Learning and the study of consciousness. Dietmar is the founder of AI Austria and publishes as well as lectures on this topic. At twingz he drives the development of the data analysis algorithms.

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Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder
Patrick Thomas
Patrick has a strong expertise in software engineering and he is passionate about (fighting) climate change. This enables him to make sure that the company’s technology serves its business strategy.

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Product-Manager & Co-Founder
Normann Lindner
Normann takes care of pre-sales as well as account and product management: performance track in several startups/SMEs as sales management and business development executive: He is a “running lean” aficionado.

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Chief Financial Officer
Stephan Dorfmeister
Stephan leads all strategic and tactical financial matters at twingz. He inputs his background as serial entrepreneur and investor in various ventures in the last 30 years.  

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Marketing, PR & Events / PA to CEO
Rose Aquino
Rose brings many years of experience with national and international clients from the marketing and advertising industry that she uses now for twingz in her responsibility for Marketing & Social Media. She takes care of strategies and concepts in those fields from creation to implementation. Furthermore she is the right hand of the CEO Werner Weihs-Sedivy and is also responsible for internal organisational processes.

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Business Development
Karin Fleck
Karin is an experienced manager in energy, specifically asset optimisation and energy trading. She is an expert on optimisation, forecasting and trading. She has run projects in the field of energy IT and portfolio management. She develops the energy applications of the twingz product portfolio.

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Sales & Operations
Chretien Van der Aa
Chretien has been in various international senior sales and business development positions at Cisco, Polycom and other US based companies. Since 2013 he is advisor of various start-ups. At twingz, Chretien will be working on the creation of GTM-model in the non-German speaking countries.

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Sales & Project Management
Elizabeth Rdz. Bringas
Liz has many years of experience in the areas of Sales and Project Management working for International companies. She has deep knowledge in the areas of Business strategy and Renewable Energy, as well as energy efficiency.

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Business Development
Matthias Monreal
Matthias is a purpose driven generalist. He has been a geospatial analyst, climate change adaptation scientist, strategic advisor and social entrepreneur. At twingz he utilises his broad personal and professional experience for the development of partner networks, new business models and client spheres.

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Strategic Expert & Co-Founder
Chris H. Leeb
Chris has been in charge of strategic thinking from the very beginning. He deploys his extensive experience in the start-up world and brings in his large network.