Predict & Prevent

By analyzing your electricity and water meter data twingz helps you to

twingz SAFETY

twingz helps you moving from damage regulation to damage prevention!

We detect potential fire and water damage before it occurs. Rather than alerting you in case of emergency (i.e too late), twingz damage prevention services notify you before disaster strikes.

twingz ENERGY

twingz provides near real time forecasts with Disaggregation and Predictor Services!

We provide a fully transparent picture of your energy consumption and monitor individual appliances. All based on only one sensor – the electricity meter.

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Energy Solutions and Analysis

Prevent damage

twingz anomaly detection service monitors consumption patterns and behaviour of your appliances and how you use them. We issue individualised and customised warnings in case we detect something unusual.

Predict consumption.

With power consumption data on individual appliance level and a machine learning based analysis of usage patterns, we provide predictors for expected consumption near real time. Get a detailed demand side view and balance your grid accordingly.

Schedule maintenance.

Altered power consumption patterns are one of the tell-tale signs of wear and tear or something more seriously going wrong with your machinery. twingz will notify you accordingly. So you can schedule maintenance when it is actually needed.

twingz solutions add value in a number of industries.


Energy provider and Grid operators

SME & Industry

Smart Home Providers

Real Estate/Facility Management


“I am really glad to have reached out to twingz in 2016. With e-Detector we have been able to craft a trendsetting fire damage prevention solution which on top helps saving energy.”

Anne Hudepohl
Innovation Lead, Nationale Nederlanden

W1 InsurTech
W1 InsurTech

The W1 Forward InsurTech program helps startups validate their business models and develop market-ready products or services with the aim to drive sustainable innovation and to change the insurance industry. twingz was selected to partake in the third batch together with nine other insurtech startups from Germany, Austria, Slovakia, USA,…Read More

Winner of Salzburg AG Challenge #2 – 2017

The aim of the Salzburg AG challenge is to develop creative solution concepts, new products and services that are fully aligned with the customer and his changing needs. twingz once again did an outstanding job and won this innovative challenge.

Innovation to Company 2016
Innovation to Company 2016

In the second season of the challenge, Verbund and the Viennese Chamber of Commerce were looking for start-ups with data analysis solutions to provide consumption forecasts for customers.

Winner of Verbund Energy Challenge 2016
Winner of Verbund Energy Challenge 2016

As part of its Innovation Challenge 2017, Austria’s largest electricity provider VERBUND was looking for innovative solutions for important energy-related topics. twingz was able to quickly stand out and emerged as the winner of the Challenge.

Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living Accelerator 2016
Startupbootcamp Smart City & Living Accelerator 2016

Amsterdam, the Netherlands In three months we achieved more than other start-ups do in 18 months. We established our business model, met investors and champions, and made our first partnerships in the Netherlands.

UBERALL App Congress 2015
UBERALL App Congress 2015

Burg Perchtoldsdorf, Austria We were the winners in the ‘smart life‘ category from amongst 33 participants. The event took place at Burg Perchtoldsdorf in Austria and brought together thought-leaders from the digital world to discuss topics such as IoT and M2M.