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Smart Energy Management as a Service:
Intelligent monitoring, control and optimization of energy consumption in households and companies

Create your Smart Energy system with TWINGZ!

Reduce energy consumption and save money with twingz. And, opens new paths for services offered by energy and telco companies to consumers and businesses.

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Saving energy made easy!

Always know how much energy is consumed. Our eCoach helps you identify devices with abnormally high consumption, and coaches you with suggestions on how to save energy.

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Intelligent control for more comfort

Automation results in up to 40% energy savings for you. Watch from anywhere while our eButler reduces your energy bill, via web or app for iOS and Android.

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How to take control of your energy use:

Twingz' eCoach and eButler are easy to install, and provide a range of advantages for consumers and businesses, as well as for energy and telco companies.

Devices now interact with themselves, and relay information on energy saved, energy drains detected, etc. to you. While energy companies can now help you achieve optimal savings and more, thanks to the data logged by our system.


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